The Campsite Rule - Ketsol


All of our packaging at Ketsol is made from either 100% recycled material and/or 100% recyclable material. We recognized that so much of the trash and waste produced by ecommerce companies comes from their shipping materials. Certainly you’ve received a package from a big retailer only to find that it came in an oversized box, with every possible inch filled with plastic or styrofoam packaging. We don’t want our customers to be responsible for throwing away our waste. Therefore, we have sourced and are now using packing, labels, tape and all other pieces of our shipping that are recyclable or come from post-consumer recycled materials. Whatever packaging you receive from us when you order can either be recycled or thrown away without guilt.

Carbon Offset Shipping

Ketsol also works diligently to offset any impact the manufacturing and shipping of our products can have. We do this through a number of programs that contribute to carbon offsetting efforts globally. One in particular called South Pole, helps us estimate the carbon footprint that each of our products has in its entire supply chain, from creation of raw materials, manufacturing, and landing at your door. These fees are included in the cost of shipping, so you'll never pay extra. You can learn more about this particular program by clicking here.