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The Campsite rule

At Ketsol, we have a really simple way of talking about our commitment to the environment, and we call it The Campsite Rule: Leave It Better Than We Found It. We can’t just limit our impact on the environment, or even put a stop to the harm that businesses have on our planet. We need to reverse the damage that has already been done in order to preserve the natural world we love so much for future generations. That’s why as we grow as a business, we will always be looking for ways to reduce waste, and return natural resources back into the world.

The Campsite Rule is Ketsol's guiding principle in how we grow as a business. We want to make our environment, and the lives of our customers and our employees better off than before we started. In regards to the environment, we know that our company would not exist without the beautiful, wild, natural world here in Colorado that we get to explore. Nature inspired us to start Ketsol and our core purpose is to help connect people to nature through our products. Therefore, preservation of the environment is an absolute priority in our company’s culture.

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Carbon Offset Shipping

Ketsol also works diligently to offset any impact the manufacturing and shipping of our products can have. We do this through a number of programs that contribute to carbon offsetting efforts globally. One in particular called South Pole, helps us estimate the carbon footprint that each of our products has in its entire supply chain, from creation of raw materials, manufacturing, and landing at your door. These fees are included in the cost of shipping, so you'll never pay extra. You can learn more about this particular program by clicking here.

Ketsol The Campsite Rule

Local impact

While Ketsol's impact is global, we pay particularly close attention to what we can do in our own neighborhood. Eagle Valley's highway cleanup us one of our favorite events to help organize.