Living an outdoor lifestyle requires protecting yourself from the elements. Among those are UV rays and glare from sunlight. Using UV-blocking, polarized sunglasses keeps your vision crystal clear to enjoy adventure's breathtaking views.

How do polarized sunglass lenses help you see clearer?

In short, polarized sunglasses cut the glare caused by bright, reflecting light. When light from the sun is reflected off flat surfaces, the light waves become polarized into horizontal waves. These horizontal waves can be so intense, that the color you see becomes washed out. What's worse, is that this effect is often intensified more around snow fields or by a body of water. the effect can make what you see look like an overexposed photograph. In turn, polarized lenses filter out these horizontal waves to reduce the intensity of the glare.

This happens because of a molecule that is added to the lens. The molecule blocks most of the horizontal wavelengths, while letting the more vertical wavelengths through. The resulting vision maintains more of the natural saturation and contrast of the vivid landscapes that's in front of you.

What's the difference between polarized and UV protection?

UV-blocking sunglasses act a lot like sunscreen for your eyes. UV rays can harm your eyes just like how it can harm your skin. Exposure to UV rays can lead to cataracts, and cataracts can lead to cancer. UV-blocking lenses shield your eyes from most of these harmful rays.

Most sunglasses these days are UV blocking, and any polarized sunglasses are likely to be UV blocking. UV blocking is a minimum for maintaining the health of your eyes.

Blue Gem Sunglasses

We are huge believers in protecting our brain cameras. Therefore, we want to offer an affordable option that goes well with our style. Blue Gem sunglasses felt like a natural fit.

Not only do the sunglasses have polarized and UV-blocking lenses, the frames are made from recycled plastic and natural wood.

But the real kicker is that Blue Gem is fighting eyesight degeneration around the world. For every pair of glasses sold, Blue Gem donates a pair of eyewear to someone in need. Check out more about their philanthropy here.