Ketsol is our new name. So what does it mean?

Many of you knew us for years as Vela Apparel, a name inspired by the constellation we encountered on our adventure to Italy. It was our starting off point, it is the name we launched our brand with. We took this name from one little booth selling our wares to spanning the USA, Canada, and the UK. With growth of any venture one sets out on comes some downed trees on the trail and Vela was no different. Long story short, we weren't the only company named Vela. And if we continue to grow, we knew this would cause issue. So we decided that in order for us to really grow our brand, we needed to change it this year.

We took time to really map out what we wanted from a new brand. We went in all different directions, but we knew we wanted to evoke the adventure that comes along with the brand. The fun, discovery, and the connection to nature. Ketsol is inspired from the bird the Resplendent Quetzal which is found in the jungles of Mexico and Central America. These birds are hard to find, and they are elusive little buggers that, yes, eat bugs. That awesome tail is there to attract bugs. Ok, but we aren't trying to attract bugs, haha.

This bird is one we set out to find on our adventures. Through the search we found even more love for adventure, nature, and the journey we are on. So with that we have grown into Ketsol. So come find some adventurous spirit and join us in our growing journey.

Ketsol Logo