Vela Apparel is offering free forever stamps attached to our greeting card envelopes so you can enjoy the amazing experience of sending a written message to someone you care about.

As one of many small business in the U.S. that runs an ecommerce business, we need to reiterate just how vital the United States Post Office is to our success.

At a time when retail sales are down for shops all over the country, and people are rightfully nervous of shopping in person, small businesses rely more heavily on their online sales. And most customers don't realize just how expensive shipping through UPS and FedEx is. Often times, shipping a small package under a pound within a state costs upwards of $10 on UPS and FedEx. Shipped through USPS, that same package will cost no more than $4, even to Hawaii and Alaska, and is guaranteed to arrive within 3 days. Because customers expect free shipping provided by large ecommerce businesses, USPS is one of the few ways we can meet those expectations.

But enough about how important the post office is to us. Let us remind you how important the post office is to YOU! Remember how special it feels to get a real letter in the mail? It's amazing how much a meaningful, handwritten message can make you feel loved and cared for. It's so much more thoughtful than a text or an email. We want to make it super easy for you to give that feeling to a friend or loved one. Whenever you order a greeting card from us, simply select the option to add a free forever stamp to the envelope. That way, we can make it effortless for you to write a note to someone, drop it in the mail, and make their day extra special.

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