VELA Apparel featured in CO Yoga + Life Magazine "What We Love" Section

We always love to note any good press, and one of our favorite mags gave us a great mention! The summer edition of Colorado Yoga + Life Magazine features VELA Apparel in the "What We Love" section on page 36. Pictured in the feature are our notebooks and one of our women's moon tank top.

We also have to send a shout out to Kevin Banker, our good friend and the photographer responsible for a lot of our more artistic photos. That's because he is the warrior on the cover of this addition AND he was the photographer. He set his camera up and held that warrior for who knows how long to get that photo of himself in the Great Sand Dunes.

Beyond us, this magazine is full of fascinating and useful content. Our feature sits among great travel stories, yoga news, recipes, gear reviews and a lot more. There's really so much in this magazine I hope you will all go out and find one, or tell your local coffee shop or yoga studio to stock it – it's free!

More About CO Yoga + Life Magazine and It's New Owners

Colorado Yoga + Life Magazine features a lot of yoga-centric lifestyle content. Our good friends Kim Fuller and Bobby L'Heureux now own the magazine and run from our neighborhood here in the Vail Valley.

Kim Fuller has been a long-time professional writer. She writes for publications in Vail and Colorado, and more recently some national publications. You can check out her blog and website here:

Bobby is a jack of all trades. He teaches yoga, tends bar, runs a not-for-profit, rides a Harley, and embodies the Colorado mountain lifestyle. His not-for-profit – Big Heart Big Hands – supports mountain rescue operations and mountains safety awareness.

And of course, both of them are quite the yogis. While teaching in Vail and around Colorado, Kim and Bobby have developed a devoted following of students. Their classes attract large numbers, and they teach at the best studios in Vail, including Mountain Soul Yoga and the Vail Athletic Club. Bobby was even a headliner for the GoPro Mountain Games yoga classes this year.

Please make sure to check out this magazine! Kim and Bobby are going to do amazing things with it!