MTNS.CO Is Where You Can Now Find Our Awesome Jigsaw Puzzles and Other Amazing New Ski Resort Trail Map Products

If you didn't know this already, Vela Apparel was more or less born from our other company. Now Called MTNS.CO, we have our new line of 2018 products available now!

In 2012, when Elise and I first started dating, we spent our first winter together coming to Vail and Beaver Creek to ski. That just happened to be one of the worst years for snow in recent history. So we spent a lot of time staying at the cabin, putting together jigsaw puzzles. That's how Elise came up with the idea that it would be so great to have a puzzle of the ski trail maps.

So six months later, in October 2012, we started our jigsaw puzzle company. Since then we've grown a lot. We've expanded to new resorts and new products. We now have mugs, posters, and our puzzles are amazing quality and made in the USA.

We are officially licensed through Vail Resorts to use their trail maps. So when you buy one of our products you know it is using the actual, real trail map. If you are powder hounds like us, and like to find your secret stashes, these products are perfect for you. They really help you learn the mountain.

Right now, the puzzles are on presale through Nov. 1st, so make sure to buy yours now! You'll save $5.00 on each puzzle, and they are guaranteed to arrive at your door before the holidays!

Until then, pray for snow!