Each design I create is inspired by something in our lives. Usually an experience or an adventure sparks the inspiration. For the 'Moon Mountains' design, I was inspired by a hut trip we did with friends a couple years ago. Now, for those of you who might be cocking your head to the side and thinking WTF is a hut trip, here ya go. So in Colorado, and actually a lot of other places around the world, there are systems of huts. Each of these huts are off the grid, up in the mountains, and you can book a spot, and if you plan right, 20 of your closest friends can book a spot in a hut with you. The beauty is, there is just enough there to make you feel comfortable and not question why you hiked or skied into the woods for 8 hours to get there. You pack your sleeping bag, your clothes, and your food, and you are all set for your time at the hut.

We traveled with about 20 friends to one of our favorite huts, Polar Star Inn. We all skinned up (skied up-hill) for multiple hours and with the thoughts of a warm fire, good food, and some whiskey, we all made it up.

During this trip, acquaintances became friends, and friends enjoyed skiing, building fires, creating meals, telling stories, playing games, and enjoying a sauna...yes a sauna is up there.

Inspired by this trip came the Moon Mountains drawing. I drew most of it up at the hut while chatting with friends or hanging out by the wood stove. This hut sits tucked under New York mountain. We got to hike to the top, ski back to the hut, and enjoy fresh powder turns in the trees on beautiful blue sky days and even some moon lit night skis.

Checkout the video below for a 2 minute mini documentary and a gorgeous look at this trip (oh, and I am the snowboarder in the green jacket, and Matt is the skier in the blue jacket). I am so grateful to the amazing Kevin Banker for his skills in creating this mini documentary of our trip. See his full website: Banker Cinefoto. If you are ever in the Vail area, swing by his studio, Revival Photographic, he is one talented man and has some amazing portrait skills as well. Wanna know more about the hut system here in Colorado? Head over to Huts.org!