Riding Mammoth Mountain For Unbeatable Spring Skiing Skiing, And The Release Of Our New Minaret Mountain Hat

Since Mammoth Mountain and the West coast got so much snow this season, we had to make a Spring trip. The conditions were so good, Mammoth Mountain among others are considering staying open the whole year.

Mammoth Mountain is one of our favorite places on Earth. With it's skiing and proximity to Yosemite, Mammoth Mountain offers so much for outdoor lovers. I rolled in late in April because the weather looked perfect for some skiing.

While there, I stayed and rode with my sister and her boyfriend who live in Mammoth Lakes. They are experts on the mountain and so great at finding the best snow. Of course, I had to keep in mind it was Spring skiing, so I didn't expect much. However, it turned out the snow conditions and the base were incredible.

Granted, not everything in the mountain was open. But there was still plenty to explore. Probably my favorite place to ski in Mammoth this time of year is over by chair 23. The area here is called the "Paranoids." From the ledge you have a really fun steep decent – much steeper than anything in Vail. You also get a really great panoramic view of the Minarets (the inspiration for our Minaret Mountain Hat).

Another notable mention for me is Mammoth's Transition Park. I'm not someone who skis in the terrain parks normally, but the features in this park are pretty unique. There's not much in terms of standard jumps and jibs. Instead, it's full of unique snow features that have a more natural feel to them. Don't miss at least a quick run through of this section.

Minaret Mountain Hat

This trip to Mammoth Mountain also happened to coincide with the release of our new Minaret Mountain Hat. If you haven't already, check out the hat clicking on the product page on the right. Elise hand painted the artwork for this hat, which was inspired by the Minaret Mountains. We created a custom-designed, trucker style hat with a canvas front panel and mesh back. They look great as a flat brim or bent. Each is finished with custom stitching for a unique look.

And below, see the original painting by Elise.