Top 5 Decks to enjoy at Vail Mountain

When you take your next ski vacay, take a moment to enjoy one of the many decks. These decks are beloved by locals, and a great way to meet up with friends, picnic during lunchtime, or have a meeting point between taking laps. 

Each of our top 3 decks have different things to offer, so maybe take a tour, or pick one based on your needs.

Here are some things to note about decks:

  • No trash cans - If you pack it in, pack it out.

  • Leave it nicer than when you got there - Let's be good humans here, take a moment to make sure the deck is great for the next group coming and they don't have to curse your name to the heavens because you left it trashed. (the snow gods get super pissed too)

  • There are picnic tabels! - So you have a place to sit, take off some gear, enjoy some sun and eat a snack.

  • Built in Coolers - Bring cans of whatever you fancy up, you have a natural cooler we call snow, just don't forget to pack them all out (empty or not)

  • Grills - Some decks have them, during the current Covid-19 pandemic, they are turned off, so only bring pre-cooked this year!

  • On Mountain Food - Some of our favorite decks are right next to awesome grab in go food. So if you don't have time to stash grub in a pack, head to one of these and grab some BBQ or a snack.

1) Steady's Deck

  • Front side of Vail

  • Take fast laps on Chair 2 (Avanti) with blue, green, and black runs accessible

  • early afternoon sun

  • bathroom at top of Chair 2 (Avanti)

  • no grills

2) Window's Deck

  • View of back bowls 

  • Bathrooms available

  • Wildwood Smokehouse (say hi to Chris, one of our models)

  • Local fave

  • Afternoon Sun

  •  no grills

3) Belle's Deck

  • In Blue Sky Basin in the back bowls of Vail

  • Belle's Camp has grab-n-go sandwiches and snacks

  • Bathrooms

  • large open space, great to play football while you hang out

  • Views of Holy Cross wilderness

  • Grills (not open during covid)

4) Jebbie's Deck

  • Front side of Vail

  • Take fast laps on Chair 2 (Avanti) 

  • Great for kids or to moon people riding on Chair 2

  • bathroom at top of Chair 2 (Avanti)

  • no grills

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5) Hawke's Deck

  • Front side of the mountain and easily accessible

  • Great place to do laps on chair 11 and chair 4

  • Buffaloes is close by with food and drinks

  • Bathrooms nearby at Buffaloes

  • Views of the Back Bowls

  • Grills (not open during covid)