Ski Girl Flannel Button Up | White & Red

Product Description

- Soft, Yarn-Dyed Flannel
- Longer Back Hem
- Two Chest Pockets
- 80/20 cotton/polyester

When you're floating through the trees on your skis or board, it's hard to not feel a little like a lumberjack. Becoming a master of the woods is not for the faint of heart. This flannel is incredibly soft, warm, and kicks butt under a hard shell, or with some jeans during a chilly night out. It will keep you dry, warm, and looking like a true mountain woman.


The Ski Girl print is the perfect match for our mountain men's design. As I look into the mountains I see a reflection of what makes me most joyous. Being among the peaks, ready to play in the snow really makes my heart sing. So for me, the Ski Girl design is all about those moments of looking into the mountains and feeling so in touch with myself and what makes me happy. I know that I'm not alone in feeling this way, and I really hope this piece resonates with all my fellow women mountain spirits!

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