Luna Moth Rolled Cuff Flowy Shirt | Black

Product Description

- 65/35 polyester and viscose blend
- Rolled cuffs
- Hi-low raw bottom hem
- Relaxed, drapey fit, side seams

From day into the night the flowy muscle shirt with rolled cuffs transitions from casual to elegant. With a high-low cut and raw edge seaming, it is just edgy enough to make a statement, but just subtle enough to wear on any occasion.


Luna moths are gorgeous large creatures that are elusive and not seen by many. With the winged cycle of their life only lasting 7-10 days, and their active times being at night, very few people ever see them. I remember seeing them outside of our house in North Carolina growing up, and being in total awe of their beauty.

Luna moth totem meaning: The Luna Moth is a gorgeous symbol of transformation. The luna moth goes through its cycles of growth from larvae through full adult, its existence is a constant transformation. As they only are seen at night and are drawn to light, we can think of the luna moth as a reminder to go through the darkness and towards the light that we see.

Size Chart

Body Length Back 26 1/4 27 27 3/4 28 3/8 29 1/8
Body Length Front 22 3/4 23 1/2 24 1/4 24 7/8 25 5/8
Body Width 20 1/2 22 24 26 28